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D A I R Y    P A R L O R    M O N I T O R I N G    S Y S T E M
The Company

MilkMaven has been developed by FarmMaven, Inc., a software and hardware engineering company based in Ottawa, Canada. The company and its products are driven by an expert team with backgrounds in computer science, commerce, agriculture and design.


•  employ the best and brightest
•  resources must possess
   extraordinary communication and
   customer service skills
•  believe in an agile methodology
•  believe in test driven development

The Product

MilkMaven is a real-time monitoring solution for your milking system.

Combining advanced hardware and software, MilkMaven uses sensors that constantly check pulsator health, milk, wash, glycol temperature, and the vacuum pump while notifying dairymen of out of compliance equipment. MilkMaven will provide suggestions to the dairyman on the source of the problem to provide a head-start on resolving the issue.

Using MilkMaven's cloud-based application, it is easy to configure 24/7 monitoring of your dairy parlor to receive notifications - from any computer or mobile device - in the event of milking system failures.

The program also allows users to perform diagnostics of the milking phase ratios with the simple click of a button.

The MilkMaven Difference

MilkMaven allows the dairyman to know the parlor is running smoothly 24 X 7.

MilkMaven provides the dairyman with the tools to:

•  maximize milk production
•  increase milk quality
•  improve overall herd health


Tim Clark
Tranquillity Agriculture

Anthony VanMunsteren
Bertom Farms
"We've been using the MilkMaven system now for several months. With our hectic schedule and many different milkers, we needed to monitor equipment performance and know that each cow gets the same milking experience every time. With the MilkMaven system we've made many small adjustments and are able to see worn parts quicker. We know about performance defects in real time, so cows are more comfortable and have better teat ends."

"The MilkMaven vacuum sensor identified an issue with our vacuum system that we couldn't pinpoint. Now fixed, our vacuum system is running more efficiently and the cows are more comfortable."